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Health University Program

As a member of the “Asia-Pacific Network of Healthy Universities” since 2007, UM is committed to build a healthy, safe and eco-friendly campus, an excellent environment for learning, research, work and living for students and staff. UM has been working hard to promote the healthy lifestyle, as well as to enhance the awareness of campus safety and environmental protection of UM members.

As a “Healthy University”, UM devotes the greatest effort in building a high-quality campus where students and staff are able to bring their potential into full play.

Healthy University Week 2018 (19th to 23rd Nov., 2018)

Left to right: Launch Ceremony (19/11); Healthy Exercise during Launch Ceremony (19/11); Occupational Safety Workshop for New Workforce (20/11)

Left to right: Visit to Fire Services Bureau (21/11); “Life on the Line” First-aid Knowledge Seminar (22/11); EP Coaster DIY Workshop (23/11)

Healthy University Week 2017 (20th to 24th Nov., 2017)

Launch Ceremony (20/11)

Left to right: Healthy Campus Carnival (20/11); Sports Injury Prevention Workshop (22/11); “Fitness Trends 2018” Seminar (23/11)

Healthy University Week 2016 (21st to 25th Nov., 2016)

Launch Ceremony (21/11)

Left to right: Healthy Campus Carnival (21/11); “How Much do You know about Eye Diseases” Seminar (23/11); Macau Safety, Health & Environmental Sharing Forum 2016 (25/11)

Healthy University Week 2015 (16th to 20th Nov., 2015)

Launch Ceremony of Healthy University Week 2015 & Occupational Safety and Health Charter Signing Ceremony (16/11)

Left to right: Healthy Campus Carnival (16/11); Healthy Diet from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine Nutrition Seminar (17/11); Safety Tips at Work for “Fresh Graduates” Seminar (19/11)

Healthy University Week 2014 (10th to 14th Nov., 2014)

Launch Ceremony (10/11)

Left to right: “Stay Away from Tobacco” seminar (11/11); “Indoor Air Quality and You” seminar (13/11); Staff Games Day (14/11)

Healthy University Day 2013 (27th Nov., 2013)

Left to right: Award presentation of Weight Management Project; “Understanding Sports Injuries” seminar

Left to right: Skin Analysis; Exciting mini game; Lung function test

Healthy University Week 2012 (12th to 16th Nov., 2012)

Launch Ceremony (12/11)

Left to right: Environmental Protection Day (13/11); “Eat Wisely, Be a Healthy You” food safety seminar (14/11); “Make Yourself Pretty with Traditional Chinese Medicine” seminar (16/11)

Healthy University Week 2011 (14th to 18th Nov., 2011)

Launch Ceremony (14/11)

Left to right: “How to Avoid from Becoming Victims of Computer Crimes” Seminar (15/11); “Feel Great to Save Energy” (15 & 17/11); “Let’s Recycle, Let’s Change” & “Toys are Collected” (15 & 17/11)

Left to right: Environmental Protection Knowledge Competition (16/11); Strolling in the Residential Colleges (16/11); “Knowledge about Wearing Contact Lenses” Seminar (17/11)

Left to right: Environmental Protection Knowledge Debating Exhibition Match (18/11); 3D Pavement Art Display (15-18/11); Exhibition (whole week)

Healthy University Week 2010 (15th to 19th Nov., 2010)

Launch Ceremony (15/11)

Left to right: “Excellent State, Any where, Any day” Workshop (16/11); Recycling Makes Better Life (16 & 18/11); Healthy Lunch Design Competition (17/11)

Left to right: Live Wise, Grow Life (18/11); Environmental Protection Knowledge Contest (18/11); “Let’s Stretch, Let’s Relax” Seminar (19/11)

Left to right: Sports Challenge (whole week); Exhibition (whole week); Healthy University Photo Exhibition (whole week)

Healthy University Week 2009 (16th to 20th Nov., 2009)

Left to right: Launch ceremony (16/11); medical tests & game booths (16/11), “Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis” seminar (16/11)

Left to right: Exhibition (whole week); “Walk/ Run the Macau Grand Prix Circuit” Challenge (whole week), “Sleep Tight” workshop (18/11)

Healthy University Week 2008 (27th to 31st Oct., 2008)

Left to right: Launch Ceremony (27/10); Environmental Protection Knowledge Contest (30/10); Recycled Bag Design Competition (31/10)

Healthy University Week 2007 (22nd to 26th Oct., 2007)

Left to right: Launch ceremony (22/10); Gender relations seminar: “More about Sex…” (23/10); “Emotional Growth: How to Feel Good about Your Life?” seminar (24/10); “Healthy City” exhibition (whole week)